Red…is my favourite colour


Women have an advantage to Men, they wear lipstick!
Have you ever mailed a postcard full of kisses?
Have you ever drawn a heart to your lover with the beautiful words
“I love you “ on the mirror of your bathroom?
Well ladies, if you have not done it, it’s about time that you do!
Love, Love, Love…
Yes, we have an advantage over Men.
They would have had to find some paper, a pen to write with, and if he is passionate
over you, leave a scribble which you can’t read.
For us, the romantic ones, we are disappointed with their excuses, they didn’t have
something to write on!

Without knowing we leave our lips print as we do with our footprint or our fingers print!
After a party, when we have to clean those beautiful glasses which we didn’t
dare to put into the dishwasher, we recognize the ones with the feminine touch,
they have left their red lips all over their glasses.
You can even pinpoint them, this one belongs to Alexa with her bright red lipstick
and that one is Wilma’s with her darker red lips.

In France, where I come from, with have the habits when we meet friends to hug and kiss them.
One kiss on each cheek.
This goes for women between themselves, woman to a male friend, as well as for men
which add a big tap on the shoulder of their friends. Sign of masculinity.
We walk afterwards, looking like a clown, our cheeks full of lipstick in the name of “Love in Friendship”.
Little kids being dropped at school by their mothers and arriving in class with their
cheeks full of red lipstick kisses…embarrassed, in the name of “Mother’s Love”.
Love, Love, Love…
But beware, Red is Love, passion, jealousy, revenge and can be hatred.
Don’t fall into it!


How could I express and share with you my love for RED?
Unless I can share and visualize a few pictures with you.

I have for a long time worked in the fashion business creating collections, you learn then that there is an infinite number of Blacks as well as combinations of structures.
But my true passion was designing furniture, fashion stores over Europe, Parisian apartments, wine bars and their surrounding world.
Every project I did, I promised to myself not to use Red.
Evidently, I could not keep my promise. ..

The colour Red is so Vibrant, Extreme, Exciting, it inspires Power, Courage, Strength and also Desire, Attraction, sexuality, Passion, and finally… Romance and Joy.

This is its positive side and I don’t want to write about its negative side.
It’s an eye-catcher often used in advertising but also on road signs.

In the Orient, it’s mainly for Luxury, Majesty and Royalty.
I lived in the Orient due to my mother’s origin and Red must be profoundly in my DNA.
Or is it in my Zodiac sign?
I like to address the five senses and the Yin & Yang.
In Asia, sight is not enough, I soaked up all the smells, tastes, touches and sounds.
The native people are an endless source of inspirations with their cultures, their foods and their music.
I discovered that in South Africa, you carry these five senses inspirations as well.
This is why I love this country so much!
You need to keep your mind open to other cultures, to hospitality.

At GROENVLEI, land of Peter Falke Wines, I couldn’t resist using RED, my love for it exploded like fireworks!

You will discover a RED TREE which has a long history before it became a metal sculpture in February 2013.

The RED CHAIR which was originally meant for my granddaughter Noelina turned out to be the favourite chair for adults who came to visit us on the estate.

Strijdom van der Merwe, well-known sculptor in South Africa designed a series of Red Corks,
for Peter Falke Wines in 2009

Inside our Tasting building, you will vision the RED LAMPSHADES reminding you of barrels, Peter Falke Wines wouldn’t have survived without RED!

Nor did our “little store” on the farm could escape from being painted in red

Neither did the private side…I never asked my husband if he likes RED?
He is such a nice polite gentleman, he never complained!

Most of the well-known wines Estates in the Western Cape carry beautiful sculptures
from Dylan Lewis, just to name this great one.

I wanted to be different, I created a series of RED CACTUS with the help of a friend sculptor Simon B. and much more are to come.
Time is a privilege.
We need to learn to be patient and respect craftsmanship if we want to obtain an object with its own characteristics and which will be a part of our life for a very long time.
I admire the work of artists and artisans.

In our “boutique” winery, where nothing is pretentious, we convey a relaxed experience, a pleasure for the eyes and the five senses, simple food to share which are memories of my childhood in Provence, impressive quality wines, hoping that our customers become our friends at the end of the day.

Nevertheless I have a secret to tell you:
I never ever wore RED, my favourite colour is Orange!

Danièle Falke

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