We believe the quality of an exclusive wine is achieved from the quality of its grapes

Two collections of wine are brought to life at Peter Falke Wines.  The Signature Collection, with its contemporary mirrored label, attracts the discerning wine connoisseur, while our PF Collection embodies relaxed, stylish sociability, with a light multifaceted character that plays on the senses.

Enjoy our exceptional wines that reflect our lifestyles, cultures and personalities.


Earth possesses tangible qualities.

It is tactile, malleable, warm, sensual, changeable, imbued with colour and smells. Earth is organic and alive, a source of nutrition for crops and plants.

The French define Terroir as being the unique aspects of a land and its environment. At Peter Falke Wines our emphasis shifts from winemaking to wine growing. We believe the quality of an exclusive wine is achieved from the quality of its grapes.


Wine making is both an art and a science and through the decades we have observed and learnt to better understand our unique Terroir.

Our philosophy is to capture the essence of the yearly harvest. We hand select our grapes in the vineyards and once in the cellar we release their true inner character in a traditional way combined with modern techniques by applying natural and minimalistic processes.

Werner Schrenk, viticulturist, award winning wine maker and general manager joined the Peter Falke team in 2008.

Louis Nel joined Peter Falke Wines as consultant winemaker in 2013.

Signature Collection

The Signature Collection has style and finesse, created for the connoisseur who appreciates wine with personality.

PF Collection

The lively PF Collection focusses on sociable charm and is the perfect wine for any occasion.

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